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About The Instructor
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Mary Peden Pitt

bulletFellow of British Association of Teachers of Dance (BATD), the USA's governing body
bulletCurrently studying to get her Judges seat

Mary was a successful highland dancer, winning several medals and trophies as well as bronze and silver medals from Glasgow.

When the Columbus highland dance group found itself without an instructor, her love for her heritage and the dance, led her to start training to become an instructor. She traveled to Dayton weekly in 1993 to study under Cathy Caldwell. As well as attend the Ohio Scottish arts school she took her 1st level exam in 1994, and has since completed 3 more levels to reach the peak of being a fellow to the BATD (British Assoc. of Teachers of Dance) governed by the Scottish Official Board. Just for the record she passed all of her examines at the highest level.

She has produced several award winning dancers who have competed very successfully in America, Canada as well as Scotland as well as trained several others to become instructors themselves.

She is a trustee to the Scottish American cultural society of Ohio. This organization produces the Ohio Scottish games.

She is a member of the mid Ohio Scottish heritage society as well as the daughters of Scotland and the Reynoldsburg Scottish society

Mary is currently studying to become a highland dance judge and plans to sit her boards by 2007.